Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday one of the other mom's in Buzzy's class asked if the kids should wear their Halloween costumes. The teachers said that would be great. I wondered if I would be able to get Buzzy in his Buzz Lightyear costume, and was kind of surprised the other moms didn't seem to think it was a big deal that their kids would willingly wear their costumes. (Hang tight with me, I am getting somewhere. And I promise there is a point to all of this.)

Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised this morning when my early riser (7:15 or so) willingly put on his costume, head covering included. He pulled the head thing off not too long later, but I was expecting that to happen.

Anyhow, when we get there, there were plenty of kids in costume, just none in his class. Buzz even let me put his head thing back on him. Twice. And then I felt really sad for the other moms, whose kids' costumes were in a heap with their backpacks and whatnot. Autism really sucks.

I even channeled my "super mom" and made GFCF dye free treat bags for the kids in his class as well. I had a fruit rope in there, two cookies, and a bag of sour beans. I had enough for one extra bag - and that went to the baby. Alas, it looks like mom doesn't get a treat bag this year.

I am dying to try to get together with these other moms. Their kids are also GFCF. The boy in Buzzy's class had a birthday party we were invited to and I was so excited to go and get to know this mom, but then the boy got a fever and she cancelled the party. And said it would be rescheduled and she would let me know. Well, it's past the time she said it would be held at, so my guess is the cancellation is permanent. Maybe I should hold a small holiday party here for the kids in his class. They probably won't want to drive out all this way, but it's worth a shot, I guess. I would really like to talk to them and see if they are in any parent groups. I need to meet other autism moms. I will keep trying till I find someone in person!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Great

We have a little bit of everything going on here. So, I will do a summary of what has really been going on here - with no holding back.

About a month ago I set up an appointment with someone who does energy healing. I won't get too much into it. Suffice to say that I believe there are people who can do energy healings and I really don't care to hear anyone say otherwise. And I think we have found the real deal. I met her in person at Autism One and my TACA mentor uses her for her family, so that was good enough for me to start seeing her.

First off, she told me some things about my son that made me cry. Things about who he really was and who he would be if the autism wasn't in the way. And how he plans to make me proud of him. I also have her muscle test Buzzy for the various interventions we are doing. He thinks school is a bit boring and he thought there would be more fun there. Oops.

A summary - the parasite killer is of mild benefit, but the specific worm killer meds were detrimental. I believe that, because the few times I've started them, Buzzy just looks bad. His skin gets kind of grey and he looks a little sickly. So, I've kept the general protocol in place, since it was at least helpful a little. All of the supplements he is taking are beneficial, so we are keeping those in place. He is on chlorella, burbur, l-carnitine, vitamin D, Barlean's fish oil, sacc boulardii, Pro Culture Gold, and goldenseal. These are all approved by his doctor, as well. I am glad to know they are benefiting him.

On her recommendation, I have added Qi Gong massage. That one has been interesting. He is doing really well with it. I have been seeing some positive things, which I will be getting to later.

As for homeopathy, our Heilkunst provider only scores a 2 in terms of benefit (on a scale of 1 to 10). Bummer. But, the classical homeopathy (which I had gotten lazy with and kind of stopped doing) scored a 6. So, I brought that back right away. And we saw some good things right away. Buzzy had had a red ring around his anus (sign of yeast) and he was constantly scratching his butt. He also was waking up earlier and earlier. We tweaked his remedies (he is on candida, clostridia, and a new constitutional - cinnamonum) and the itching has stopped and the red ring is gone. That being said, one of the tools our Heilkunstler uses scored a 10 - so we will be using that tool to help us find remedies. The same tool that our classical homeopathy person uses, scores a 2 for him. Meaning we have to see both. Ha ha!

That being said - what our energy healer said is making sense. I haven't seen much improvement (not what I was expecting anyhow) from Heilkunst. I have seen good things from classical. So, we will keep following what she tells us beneficial.

She said the Son Rise Program would be a 10 for us as well. I will have her keep testing that for us. If it continues to test well for him, I guess I will be making a trip out east this summer for their training. Time to start saving up!

I also added another supplement - Neuroprotek.

So, I will go on to mention all of the positive things we have been seeing. Buzzy is more talkative. He is doing really well. He even tells me some of the things that happen at school - and they really did happen. It's been nothing short of amazing for me to hear. He has also been talking about going trick or treating. A year ago my heart was broken because he couldn't even say trick or treat and had no idea what Halloween was about. He has been asking for the past couple of days to go trick or treating. I know he doesn't understand the whole idea of "what do you want to be", but we will get there, I am sure. He is also asking to play with the other kids in his class. They aren't always receptive, but he is trying. So, they are going to be moving him to the general ed preschool for about 5 minutes to start with to get him some time to play with the kids there. We are very excited about this.

The ugly is that I have been feeding him chicken nuggets with gluten in them. Ugh. At least I found out! And he got a Dum Dum sucker today, and I ended up letting him eat it, because I was trying to make dinner and I couldn't tolerate a tantrum. So, yeah. That sucked because we are seeing some increase in aggressive behavior ("I want to pinch Mommy!" and "I want to hit Mommy!"). On the plus side, those are some pretty awesome sentences. I take what I can get.

So, in short...we are seeing some amazing gains and speech. That's the positive. The negative is that I am trying so many new things at once, I might not be able to attribute it to any one thing. My best guess is that it is a little of everything.

All I can say is that life looks a lot better for the Buzz than it did one year ago.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Glasses, EEG Results, and Detox

A lot has been going on here the last few weeks.

We have two appointments with neurologists. One in is Chicago - in February. I have heard good things about this doctor and that he won't make me feel like I'm an over-protective crazy mom and that we should get a 24 hour (AKA real) EEG no problems.

I also got a hard copy of Buzzy's EEG results. They were not completely normal. I don't know how to interpret them, but it appears there was a lot of activity in one part of his brain. And that there was abnormal activity at another point in a different part of his brain. And that there should have been additional follow-up. Wow. And this was in an EEG lasting less than 40 minutes. I know, silly me. When the doctor told me it would last an hour, I shouldn't have believed him. I am pretty angry that I feel like this doctor blew me off. I will not put this issue to rest until I get a 24 hour EEG that shows up clean. I keep getting a feeling. Sigh.

The other neurology appointment is in December - of 2014. In Arkansas.  Now that we have something coming down the pipeline sooner, I have no issues waiting a bit for this one. I am still sure I want to go this one as well, because he does so much more than just seizures. But, maybe something will change before then. I guess we will see.

We also took Buzzy to a developmental optometrist. He now has glasses. He was found to be far-sighted, so he was prescribed corrective lenses (that were also prisms). Also, one lens has a slight tint. I think they are helping him. He seems to be doing better when he is running - he seems to have better balance. The first day he wore them to therapy, his therapists said he got really close to them to look at them - almost as if he was seeing them for the first time.

We are still doing what we have been doing. Buzzy has been detoxing like crazy, it seems. He was wetting his pants at school for a few weeks, but all seems to have returned to normal. Mostly.

And since it's Friday night, I will return to trying to take care of the family.