Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Reaching Out

Just a quick Wednesday update on what we are up to...

Buzzy still has this rash that seems to be yeasty in appearance. We are treating it with oral thyme drops. He is still on Lauricidin, GABA, l-methylfolate, folinic acid, l-carnitine, his probiotics, fish oil, methyl B-12 shots, and homeopathy remedies. (Candida remedy is a huge one for him - without it he gets the red ring of fun around his anus. Good times.) I also added the kids NDF Focus, because it something he tested well for. We are going to be adding NAC (n-acetyl-carnitine), but I need to test to see how it does with his other supplements. I think I am going to have to cut out some of the other things to add that one in.

When I look at all of those typed up, it seems like a lot of supplements. But, for kids with autism doing biomed, it's actually pretty manageable. And he's been doing great on them.

We are looking at an April start date for the Goleic. I am excited.

No word on the service dog. Keep thinking positive thoughts. I went and looked at the current ones training, and there was one that just caught my attention. I think he is meant to be Buzzy's dog. I will keep being positive and patient.

On Monday we have our appointment with the neurologist. Positive thoughts, intentions, and prayers for that one as well!

Early March we have an appointment with his MAPS doctor. I am looking forward to seeing where we go from here. Because there is always somewhere to go!

And - irony - after years of dealing with horrible poop from Buzzy - I think he's moved to the other end of the spectrum - he seems to be a little constipated. Yes, irony.

I also applied to be a TACA mentor. I am very excited for this step. I feel I can really help people and look forward to working with families around here. I am planning for the future to start a TACA chapter around here - because one is sorely needed.

I will try to update after the neurologist. All I know is that we will keep doing what we are doing.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ants in the pants

So, Buzzy has been on a tear lately. It completely reminds me of life a year ago. He is back to pushing chairs up the table and getting on the table and standing on it. He's getting into cabinets. He's opening the fridge. He's getting the baby to do all of the same things, and it's starting to drive me nuts. I am getting very frustrated. It feels like "the bad old days". The constant motion and getting into everything is wearing on my patience, and I have been doing more yelling and swearing lately than I'd like.

I am still working on my class with Tami. In fact, I am apparently supposed to work on Preston to clear this frenzied energy from him.

We ordered the Goleic. It should be here next week. I am expecting really wonderful things from it. I am also nervous as hell about it. Something as expensive as it is tends to do that. So, I am only going to think positive things about it, and everything will go well. And we will see great gains. There. The end. LOL

The baby continues to do well. I am going to be calling and scheduling her 2 year appointment with EI. The difference between how she is doing now and how she was doing just a few months ago is amazing.

Now all I need is for the weather to warm up so I can take kids outside to enjoy themselves. I am so done with winter, snow, and COLD.