Sunday, September 20, 2015

School Time

It's time for a quick update.

Well, we have a kindergartner. Buzzy is doing well so far. We elected to stop all out of school therapies, except for one session of OT. And we're continuing hippotherapy, but this is probably going to be the last session because Buzzy seems to be really allergic and nothing we're doing seems to help. We've also stopped ABA.

So, Buzzy is getting speech and OT through the school. He also has an aide from Skill Sprout, but we're not sure how that's working out. It seems they aren't really doing much other than redirecting him a few times. So, as scary as it seems to me we may have Buzzy in kindergarten with no supports other than the classroom aide and the special education teacher who will poke her head in. I am trying to stop stressing and let Preston stand on his own two feet, because I know he is capable.

We are fighting yeast and fighting some food pickiness.  We just saw Buzzy's MAPS doctor and have a few things to start on to help him out. She told us he is doing so well that she didn't see the need to see him again in 6 months, unless we felt it was necessary. I am probably going to schedule a phone consult in 6 months and then an in-person in a year. It's strange to think pretty much every therapy and every practitioner he's been "released" from or we've elected to stop. Which is great news, but always a bit disconcerting. A huge part of Buzzy's life has been therapy!

He's doing great in kindergarten. Homework at night is a struggle. Getting him to sit down for meals is still difficult. He does like to watch videos and movies, so that is good (that was something he didn't have the attention span for prior). He loves to play chase and loves to play with his sisters. He's playing soccer, but needs a lot of redirection. He has his last game on Saturday. He did better in baseball. He still loves putzing with cords and lights and creating masterpieces of electrical...stuff. He loves to play outside.

We also had a Skype consult with another energy medicine practitioner, which was very eye-opening and good for us. We have more insight into his gut issues and what we need to do to address that.

In any event, we'll keep plugging away doing what we're doing.