Sunday, September 20, 2015

School Time

It's time for a quick update.

Well, we have a kindergartner. Buzzy is doing well so far. We elected to stop all out of school therapies, except for one session of OT. And we're continuing hippotherapy, but this is probably going to be the last session because Buzzy seems to be really allergic and nothing we're doing seems to help. We've also stopped ABA.

So, Buzzy is getting speech and OT through the school. He also has an aide from Skill Sprout, but we're not sure how that's working out. It seems they aren't really doing much other than redirecting him a few times. So, as scary as it seems to me we may have Buzzy in kindergarten with no supports other than the classroom aide and the special education teacher who will poke her head in. I am trying to stop stressing and let Preston stand on his own two feet, because I know he is capable.

We are fighting yeast and fighting some food pickiness.  We just saw Buzzy's MAPS doctor and have a few things to start on to help him out. She told us he is doing so well that she didn't see the need to see him again in 6 months, unless we felt it was necessary. I am probably going to schedule a phone consult in 6 months and then an in-person in a year. It's strange to think pretty much every therapy and every practitioner he's been "released" from or we've elected to stop. Which is great news, but always a bit disconcerting. A huge part of Buzzy's life has been therapy!

He's doing great in kindergarten. Homework at night is a struggle. Getting him to sit down for meals is still difficult. He does like to watch videos and movies, so that is good (that was something he didn't have the attention span for prior). He loves to play chase and loves to play with his sisters. He's playing soccer, but needs a lot of redirection. He has his last game on Saturday. He did better in baseball. He still loves putzing with cords and lights and creating masterpieces of electrical...stuff. He loves to play outside.

We also had a Skype consult with another energy medicine practitioner, which was very eye-opening and good for us. We have more insight into his gut issues and what we need to do to address that.

In any event, we'll keep plugging away doing what we're doing.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Starting School

It's been a while since I've been able to post. It's pretty hectic here with 5 kids, 3 being under the age of 6. But, I want to do an update of where we are.

We still have some behaviors we want to work on with Buzzy. He tends to aimlessly wander around the house. I know he is quite used to intense therapy and one-on-one interaction, so that's probably a big part of it. But, I would like to see him engage in more play where he's sitting down and concentrating on something. For a bit he was really into doing puzzles and that was good to see. I want to see more of that.

We still have extreme pickiness in what he eats. Dinner (and getting him to sit still for it!) is still a challenge. He seldom likes what we are serving. He is a carb addict and not about veggies or protein, unless it's in a blended form. We would love for him to try more foods. And to sit down with us for dinner instead of wandering around the house with a mouthful of something. So, we will work on broadening his palate. And work on keeping his bottom in his chair.

He still have his fixations, but fortunately they change. He is now all about wanting to know why the cruise control isn't on when I drive all the time, what arrows mean on certain road signs, and the differences between regular, country, and express roadways. Honestly, it drives me a bit nuts sometimes.

We completed about 10 vision therapy appointments with him. They really seemed to help his gross motor coordination. He was doing much better in OT while we were having vision therapy appointments. We are supposed to be continuing the vision therapy at home until his next appointment, but I haven't been any good at finding time to sit down with him and work. I knew that was going to be something I struggled with, but I honestly just need to make myself sit down and work with him. I know he's willing. It's me.

We thought we had the school year all figured out for the fall. Not so much now. Buzzy's BCBA left for another job, and we have a replacement that I have yet to meet. So, all of the stuff we were going to figure out at the beginning of the school year feels up in the air. Before, I trusted Jennifer to take care of everything and I knew she would and I knew I would be happy with it. Now, I don't know. I have to basically put my faith into a stranger. I know Buzzy liked Jennifer as well. I was sad to see/hear of her departure not just for me, but for Preston. She knew how to push him without frustrating him.

Anyhow, the plan is for Buzzy to do full time kindergarten in the fall with a line therapist either accompanying him in the classroom or pulling him out to do dedicated ABA. I think we will do 5 days a week, with some days being mornings and some days being afternoons.

We are starting (as of today) a new protocol. This is it. As in, this will be the last big new thing we do. We will continue to do homeopathy alongside, but I am pleased with Buzzy's progress and I think this will take us to recovery. We are very close as it is. That's not to say I won't try neurofeedback, the Listening Program, and other similar things if I find there are areas Buzzy is showing a skill deficit in. We just need to solve the picky eating puzzle and everything else will fall into place.

Here's to Buzzy eating a rib eye the next time I post!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Quick Update

I haven't posted here in a while, but I suppose that's to be understood.

We had another baby girl on November 23rd. Her birth was beautiful and went very well. There were some surprises, as there always are, but we are all doing well.

Preston had an appointment with his MAPS doctor a few weeks ago. We have started chlorella and yeast aid to help get rid of systemic yeast and some heavy metals. I have noticed Preston is definitely bouncing off the walls more. We also let him have a cheat of dairy and that was a huge mistake. His behavior at church was less than desirable. We added a few other supplements to try and help with some behaviors we've been seeing. Like glutathione.

I need to continue his CEASE remedies. We are starting a new round (I finished some Heilkunst things with him) and I need to get motivated.

Baby Bella is already crying so I need to get her sorted out. She hasn't been feeling well.