Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dodging a Bullet

I am not terribly sure anyone reads, all the better for my crazy update. [First off - I believe in our energy healer. I am not going to offer caveats any longer like "I know this sounds crazy" and "I know some of this sounds weird..." It is what it is. I believe in it - I believe in her. I feel she has an amazing gift, and I am thrilled to know her and have her working to help my kids.]

I am reasonably sure I mentioned we started seeing an "energy healer" to help us guide our interventions.

Yesterday, I had an appointment (our first one) for the baby. Who will be 2 on Valentine's Day, but she's still my baby, so there.

She has a bizarre rash on her diaper region - they look like little pustules. And a spot of them that developed where she had gotten a scratch. So, those were definitely on my mind when I was talking with our healer. And her speech, in general. She's gotten so much better, but I just wanted to see what was going on.

And the things she told me left me speechless and in tears.

Our healer said the baby told her she "was supposed to have autism".

I felt my heart fall out of my chest at that moment. Everything I've suspected and feared and why I was so determined to have her see Buzzy's doctor - all of those things. THEY MATTERED. And not only that, they MADE A DIFFERENCE. All the things I've done differently - having her follow the GFCF diet, stopping her vaccinations, trying to do things differently for her...taking her to Buzzy's doctor. All of made the difference.

The biggest thing - that our healer said "flipped the switch"...were the methyl B-12 shots. I knew they helped her speech. I knew they were amazing. I just didn't realize they were THAT amazing. I am so glad I tried them. They didn't really do much *wow* kind of stuff for Buzzy, but I am so glad we decided to do them. Our healer commented that our doctor was wonderful - and I am beginning to think maybe our doctor has a similar gift in terms of intuition and how to best heal kids. I see her on Monday. I am going to thank her, and I am probably going to cry. And I don't care.

Our healer also suggested some other simple things to do with the baby that will help her along. I am going to be omitting a few supplements, adding back another, and using some more essential oils.

Buzzy and I have our appointments tonight with our energy healer. I am looking forward to hearing what she has to share with us.

Oh, and that nasty rash? Parasite exit wounds. (Barf!) Spray them with lavender, and it will be all good. And, they look better already after only about 2 sprays today.