Saturday, July 19, 2014


Where we are now:

We are still doing Goleic. It seems to be giving him some congestion at night, that I am using some essential oils to combat. The oil seems to have done the trick, because he wasn't all congested last night, and didn't wake up to join us until 7:20 this morning. And he was awake for the day then. Usually he joins us some time in the middle of the night and sleeps with us. Sometimes he is peaceful and sometimes we get kicked in the face. Such is life.

We are still doing Heilkunst.

We are still doing supplements. I like to change things up often, depending on need. The only constant ones are the fish oil, probiotics, and folinic/L-5-methylfolate, and the B-12.

We still have our appointment with Dr. Frye in December. I am hoping his office can get their shit together so we can go on a supplement vacation and get his bloodwork done. I really would like Dr. Frye to see him and see what his thoughts are. But, if they can't do that, we will have to cancel. And that would annoy me. So, I will start trying to get a hold of the nurses there (based on what a friend told me).

We are also going to be starting CEASE homeopathy on Tuesday. Well, that's when his first appointment is. I am really thinking this will be it. I have been wanting to do CEASE for over a year, but when I tried a while back to get an appointment, the wait list was quite long. So, I went with someone she worked with. And what we were doing wasn't CEASE. So, I asked Tami about CEASE and she found a good practitioner for us. And our first appointment is Tuesday. I just filled out all of the paperwork today and am looking forward to it.

We have an appointment some time in September with Dr. Usman.

We are doing a lot of summer therapy for the Buzz. ABA 5 days a week, speech twice a week, OT 3 times a week, and social skills once or twice a week.

This fall, Preston will be going to the preschool here in town. I hope to continue the ABA, OT, and social skills in the same frequency, but try to have some of the therapies done again at home to save me from having to do driving on the days he has preschool. We also are hoping to fit in some school provided (read: free and they should be doing something for him anyway) therapies as well.

Preston is showing some nice gains with paying attention to things he sees on TV (not yet asking questions or being able answer questions yet, though). He seems to be doing better socially, as well (during his social skills therapy). We still have things to work on (sophistication of speech, talking about things he's done or seen, articulation, focus, and the like), but we are making progress. So, it's all good.

I am also working on trying to get his addiction to carbs and fruit broken. I read a book about picky eating and am applying the principles I learned in it to mealtimes. It was really easy and Preston was compliant the first few days, but now it's turned back into a battle. I am not asking for much, either. We will just have to keep working on it. I suppose his comes by it honestly. I am a total carb addict, working on recovery. Ha ha.