Monday, November 10, 2014

Quick Update

Being 37. 5 weeks pregnant, I have been pretty lax with giving Buzzy his supplements.

The upside to that is that we have not noticed any change in behavior. There was a time when if we stopped his (many) supplements we definitely saw a change, and it wasn't for the better.

And considering how few supplements he is on, we think that's pretty awesome.

He is doing well in speech. He is able to sit and watch videos, maybe not for the entire time (unlike his little sister!), but it's progress.

He is also getting better with crossing midline in OT and in general.

We are still working on getting him to eat what we are eating for dinner. We have seen a lot of progress with sitting for breakfast and lunch, though.

We are going to (once the baby comes) work on getting him up at night so he can be potty trained at night. He just sleeps so deeply (wonder what that's like!) that he doesn't wake up to use the bathroom.

Well, that's all I have for now.