Saturday, August 17, 2013

EEG Results and New Avenues

Buzzy did great during the EEG. We were called with the results that evening. Everything appeared to be normal. So, I will quit fixating on that.

Also, I feel like homeopathy could be going better for us. I don't think I have seen much from what we were doing, other than a negative reaction from the strep remedy we started. Also, we had another follow-up appointment where I was basically told nothing was changed and there were only minor adjustments. So, I felt like it was a huge waste of $55.

So, it wasn't much of decision to decide to try Heilkunst homeopathy. We already had our first appointment and are waiting on our first set of remedies. I think the person we were using before wasn't experienced enough. And that was kind of my mistake - because I wanted to be seen right away.

I expect great things from Heilkunst. Basically, you create a timeline of traumas and homeopathic remedies are used in reverse chronological order to clear those issues from the body. And that's what I actually wanted to do to begin with, but I didn't understand how to find the right person. Nor did I really understand the different types of homeopathy.

But, I'm getting there. And so is Buzzy.