Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Appointment Updates!

First off - Gabriella. I took an initial ATEC with her. I apparently never got the results emailed to me, I just have an overall score, saved in my drafts folder. She scored a 54.

I just took an ATEC for her today. She scored a 9. That means neurotypical. What that really means is she is doing awesome.

I may start breathing again!

Once we finish up the rest of her shots, we will move to sublingual B12. She has been super difficult to give shots to, so moving to something a little less invasive makes sense.

 Everything else is pretty much staying the same - vitamin C, vitamin D, and fish oil. If she still acts constipated, we will add mag citrate.

Preston...we will be running another OAT test. We will also be running a mito panel. If those results look off, we will do a buccal swab to test for mito. Her gut feeling is that mito is not an issue, because he is so high functioning.

We will start B3 and change one of his probiotics.

We will also do a vitamin A protocol, when I feel like doing it (it's only 2 days). We are moving him to sublingual hydroxy B12, if I can figure out where to buy it. I didn't see his B12 was different from Gabriella's. Ugh.

That's about all. Everyone did well for the 4+ hour car ride (2 hours one way) and did really well at the appointment. That's about all I can ask for. :)

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